Just Not…Me (2013) – Recent Work at Coker College (10-day residency)

This choreographic work deals with different relationships these students encounter on a daily basis.



Profilin’ (2012)

Profilin’, choreographed by Trent D. Williams, Jr, is a captivating, engaging, honest, and vulnerable work inspired by the choreographer’s life experiences, which include the revelation of what it means to be a black male within society and its lexicons.



(mis)communicated (2011)

This choreographic work deals with Americans who have lost their jobs during this great recession. It primarily focuses on the stress that one gets while at home and how the stress spills over into the workplace.



Ashes of 1943 (2010)

My original choreographic ideas pertaining to this work were derived from memories of my grandfather who was a veteran of World War II. This is a conversational piece with my grandmother and her best friend about how my grandfather lost his life in World War II. For this, the title Ashes of 1943 was created to represent the remains that my grandmother received after my grandfather’s death.



Enclosed (2015)



Blood Sisters (2014)

This work illustrates a view of African American women’s experiences in relation to the dynamism of the human conditions.



Talks I Never Had With My Father (Excerpt) New Work In Progress
Section 1: New Work in Progress